Cure the Summertime Blues with Sweet and Spicy Pork Lettuce Wraps

Hey crafty pals!  Today I'm taking a break from crafting on Two Girls Being Crafty so that I can get my grub on over at Sew Homegrown.  I hate the word "grub" when related to food, so I'm not quite sure why I used it on this teaser.  Ughh.  As if I can't just delete it and come up with something else.  Anyhow, I'm honored to a part of Sew Homegrown's Cure the Summertime Blues series.

Did you know that I love food and cooking even more than crafting?  Yep.  It's actually my #1 hobby. I know how you love useless factoids about bloggers.

Anyhow, here's a picture to get your mouth watering...

Lettuce Wraps 017

Now head on over to Sew Homegrown for the full post!

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  1. I made sweet and spicy shrimp lettuce wraps. My hubby loved the shrimp, but not too keen on the outer layer of lettuce :( I loved it. He's just going to eat his over rice next time :) Can't wait to try the pork recipe!

  2. I made this with chicken quarters and butter lettuce last night and it was so fantastic. I featured your recipe on my blog today and linked back to you and Sew Homegrown!


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