Tumble-Proofing a Stool

Mod Podge Stool 006Remember the stool I made for Junebug?  It's cute, but I noticed that if she shifts her weight to the front or back it can tip over very easily.  What's a crafty mama to do?

Rug grip to the rescue!  Just cut it out to fit the feet of the stool and hot glue it on.  Easy peasy!

August crafts 051

I mean, obviously Junebug is not concerned about falling--look what she used to get closer to Elmo--a Wheely Bug rider. Umm, anything on wheels does not make a good stool, grasshopper. I have some teaching to do... 

August crafts 061

We have some chairs on our porch that have cushions that slide off--highly annoying.  So, a few months ago a lightbulb went off and I put some rug grip stuff under the cushions.  They haven't slid off since! 

August crafts 055

In your face, slippery cushions and tippy stool!

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  1. Great ideas Tristin but today I just had to comment on E on the wheely bug... that kid cracks me up!! Toddler ingenuity...Gotta love it!


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