Art cluster from my cozy nook

"What is art? Are we art? Is art art?"

The above quote always comes to mind when I think about art.  I know who said it, but can anyone else tell me?  I'll think you're awesome if you know!!

Seriously... you'll make my day if you know where that quote came from. 

Moving on...

Here's a breakdown of the art that's a part of my cozy nook transformation

1. Egg and Feather prints from Blue Egg Watercolors.  (I have several other of these prints that reside in one of our bathrooms.)

2. "Scrapple Art" by me.  

3. Blue-footed Booby watercolor by Etsy seller Contours (who no longer has a shop, unfortunately.)

4. Bream fish pressing - made by a friend of my grandmother.  I inherited it.

5. "Bless This Hizzy Fo Shizzle" cross-stitch, stitched by yours truly.  I cannot claim the genius behind it though--I copied it from something I pinned on Pinterest (which is why I have not blogged about it).  Check out "Steotch" for the original idea and more subversive stitching.

6. Oranges still life acrylic painting - $2.50 at a local thrift shop!

7. Westie beach print from Etsy seller K9 Art Gallery.  (I am a proud Westie momma because Westies are the besties!)
Here it is in its setting...

Also, the mirror was inherited from my grandmother.  It was in her living room for who know how long.  The end table was a $3 thrift store find (SCORE!) and the basket beneath it was also a thrift store find ($7, and Sharon and our friend Laura helped me carry it all around downtown Melbourne like the good pals they are).  The lamp was a $10 clearance item from Lowe's and I made the lampshade.  The pillow came from JoAnn fabric (Sharon and I both have this pillow so I'm sure you've seen it numerous times on our site.) The chair is from Hudson's furniture--and I know it's not a trendy or a "cool" chair but I LOVE it. 

So, that's that.  In case you were wondering.  Happy Monday!

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  1. Lisa Turtle said it! When she was trying to impress that guy who read Catcher in the Rye. :)

  2. What, you need that basket? We'll tote it for ya. I love your cozy nook, Tdawg. And that lampshade fabric looks awfully familiar... :)


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