5 Blasts from the Past: Valentine's Projects

Recently I was feeling sentimental and started going through the years of old posts that Sharon and I have shared.  Oh, the crafts we've crafted!  It's funny because when I look back I laugh at my yarn choices and the dumb things I say.  Sharon's posts, I'm never critical of, though.  She's just a super-cool girl and always has been.  And yeah, I'm back to posting here and there, but alas, she's still busy with pharmacy school.  She's in her third year and it feels like (to me at least) she's in the home stretch.  We still get to hang out and maybe we don't craft like we used to, but there's just as much laughter as there ever was.  So, that's a Sharon update.

I have this sinking feeling that I'm not going to get anything awesome made for V-day, and  I'm totally cool with that.  Since it has been like three years since we've posted Valentine's crafts, it seems like it's perfectly legit to share with you some links to blasts-from-the-past V-day crafts (a.k.a. I am just not one of "those" awesome bloggers who's on top of the holidays--so sue me).  Enjoy.

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