{Copy-Cat} Capelet

Sometimes I don't even know I want to make something until I find irresistible yarn.  In the case of this capelet, I pinned it as a project idea but never intended to actually make it because, well, my style is a lot more plain.  Enter Paton's Lace yarn in Dove Grey.  I was walking down the aisle of Hobby Lobby when my eye caught this lovely little skein of soft, delicate, delicious mohair-blend yarn.  It was irresistible.  And it was on sale.  I paid somewhere in the $4 range for one skein, which was enough to make a classy little capelet.  Something I'd never have dreamed I'd wear, but I totally do.  

The idea came from this pin, and here's a picture of mine next to the Pinspiration:

The website is written in German, but the author has a diagram on graph paper, and whenever graph paper is used, I know that someone's speaking my language.  It's really not hard to decipher the concept from her diagram.  MY only advice is when making your inital chain, you may want to make it smaller than you may think.  Mine is a little drapier around that shoulders than I'd prefer because my foundation chain was a little long.  No biggie, though--nothing gaining a few pounds won't solve.  And I am totally up for that challenge.  

Just kidding.

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