Insta-Update 3

Melbourne, Florida is one of the loveliest places I've ever lived--and I've lived in a lot of places.  It's quaint but developed, big enough to have a Chipotle (finally) yet small enough to not have bad traffic.  The beaches are quiet and awesome, the rivers perfect for cruising, and the locals come from every walk of life though they're rarely actually from here.  Anyhow, I snapped the river scene at a local boat-ramp/playground that we occasionally visit after I was just in awe of the beautiful place that we call home.  I feel truly blessed to be here.

And the rest has to do with food.  HA!

I finally tried that whole "boil a can of sweetened condensed milk" to make Dulce de Leche and I'm happy to report that not only did it not explode like my husband predicted, it actually tastes pretty dang awesome.

Due to Benji's food phases (translated: for the last few months she starts her mornings with a banana, but now refuses and wants "my cheer-eeee-ooooh") I was left with enough bananas to make 3 loaves of banana bread.  I tried a new-to-me recipe for Chocolate Banana Bread (courtesy of the wonderful Money Saving Mom) and I totally found a new go-to recipe.  It's awesome and freezer-friendly and since making it, Benji has now phased out the cheerios and simply requests "my cookie" (aka the banana bread).

After the girls longingly stared at a cake-dome full of doughnuts until my in-laws arrived for a visit, Benji got to have her first Krispy Kreme (an event worth noting, in my opinion).  I think it took her about 4 bites to devour it. I should have kept her in ignorance a bit longer. If she's anything like her momma, this is the beginning of a life-long love affair.

Anything awesome going on in your world?  Share!

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  1. Seeing your doughnuts in a cake stand that's standing in what I assume is a bowl of water ... reminds me that I've never thanked you for that awesomely simple tip. I haven't fed any cake to ants since you mentioned making a "moat." Love it!


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