Rosette Embellishments

Sometimes it's all about the details, isn't it?  Especially if like me, you take the easy way out and make a simple hat for new baby gift-giving.

Pearl Bead Detail

It's no secret that I love to crochet hats, but a plain beanie for a baby is just too boring.  So embellishing is FUN!

Baby Beanie

I used this pattern to create the rosette that I attached to a simple baby beanie that I made.  Then I made a million more rosettes, just for fun.  I have hot glued them to alligator clips to make simple hair embellishments for Elliott.  They'd also make some cute headbands.


And just in case you're wondering, none of these rosettes are being worn by the new baby gal because she's still hanging out in the uterus (we're 5 days "over" so far).  I joke to my husband that it must be like a 5 star resort in there, because neither of my gals has been in a hurry to come out.  Whatever.  All I know this time around is that I don't mind an "overdue" baby--they're a lot easier to manage while they're still nestled inside than they are when they come out. Right?!  Let's just hope she's not growing too much...  



  1. What a lovely hat. I hope your birth goes well and we cant wait to meet her and hear she is well!


  2. I love it. That is the sweetest thing to see a sweet baby in a beanie. I started multiple times to crochet and never got past the dish rags that I have worn out and remade. My daughter was a teenage when I tried to pick it up and she did her own dish rags when she got married because she was used to using mine in our home. She moved on to making bigger and better things. Beautiful gifts. I was so proud of her. Something personal hand made is the best gift ever. Love your blog.

  3. So pretty! And, thanks for the update about baby Bennett. You all must be getting so excited. :-)

  4. Sweater is one of my favorite dressing style and I am ready to learn something about that, really great to most of my dream! It's special!


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