Amigurumi Tea Set (and an awesome party!)

Junebug and I recently went to her first "real" birthday party.  Let me qualify what I mean by "real"--it wasn't a family member's birthday party and it wasn't a one-year old "I-have-no-idea-what-the-heck-is-going-on-here" type birthday party.  It was a party that Junebug was invited to by one of her library time friends and this time, Elliott knew what a birthday party is (translation: there will be cake!) and was super-excited about it (again: there will be cake!).

For the birthday girl, I opted to make a gift since I had time and an itch to try my hand at an amigurumi tea set.

It came out great despite the fact that I was less than thrilled with the pattern I bought on Etsy.  I've never had a bad Etsy experience before, so I was shocked to know that it was possible.  For this reason, I won't be sharing which pattern I bought--but in the end, with some tweaking and note-taking, it worked.  Not only was the pattern poorly written, it took the seller over 3 days to email the pdf when the shop stated that I'd have it within 24 hours.  I was more than slightly annoyed.  I much prefer instant gratification.  Who doesn't?

The tea cups were my favorite part.  They're double-walled and surprisingly sturdy.   Perfect for teddy bear tea parties.  I'm planning on making a set for Junebug for Christmas but in a multi-colored way like this Anthropologie set that I pinned.

The birthday party itself was a blast!  The theme was Alice in Wonderland in the most awesome way possible.  The birthday girl, Kylie (you may remember her from her Medusa costume) was the perfect Alice and her momma did a great job making a special and memorable party for her.  Kylie's mom is also an amazing photographer--I ran across this collage she made and couldn't resist sharing (especially since Junebug is sitting with the birthday gal on the main picture).

 Since it's most of our un-birthdays, I wish a very merry un-birthday to you!



  1. Tristin, I LOVE the little tea pot and cups. What a great gift, especially considering that most kids have every possible toy. Very unique and special. And the Alice in Wonderland birthday party looks absolutely adorable... thanks for sharing!

  2. Ohhh those are so cute! I just picked up an Amigurumi kit from B&N I cant wait to start on it.

  3. I'm a little teapot homemade & sweet
    Pouring savory tea for every little girl I meet!

    Great job T

  4. How cute! I love it!

    Awesome job!!!


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