Day 2: Whole-Lotta-Nothing with Tristin

Hey pals!  Welcome to day two of the 12 Days of Christmas series.  Today, I'm supposed to be posting some wonderful something.  Truth is, I have a few somethings I could write about.  But there's uploading the photos and editing them, then writing the post and then rewriting it 16 times.  And I'm just not up for that today, folks.  Sorry.

And that brings me to what I want to say about the holidays.  Sometimes, it's better to save your energy for what's really important--family.

Maybe you'll make some homemade gifts this year--maybe you won't.  But if making everything "just right" comes at the price of missing time with family or even worse--becoming Grinchy toward your loved ones, then it's time to throw in the towel.  I'm totally preaching to myself here.  I wish I could say I'm just a pleasure to be around all of the time, but that's not the truth.  Especially today.

Anywhoo, I'm taking this time to sit back, sip a cup of apple cider and reflect.  During this festive season, I think rather than overbooking ourselves and wearing ourselves thin (though I usually wear myself more thick than thin during the holidays, dang you delicious food) we ought to sit back and enjoy more.  Love more, stress less.  Hug more, shop less.  Exercise more, eat less. 

And that's all I have to say about that.

Oh, and tune in tomorrow for some real awesomeness from Sarah of Sarahndipities.

Much love,



  1. Love ya Tdawg. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  2. Good for you. I had an epiphanous (totally a real word) moment the other day as I was crocheting a gift for my little Forrest . . . while trying to push him away when he kept pulling the yarn off my lap and trying to climb up. MOTHER OF THE YEAR.

  3. I find that I do that, too. I try to do too much at the expense of my family. This year, I want to make gifts for my girls and my husband. Everything else is just sugar on top and I will not stress about it! Thanks for reminding us what we know we should do!
    My post is coming later, btw! Ha! I didn't forget. Glad that you are in my shoes and can offer up some understanding!

  4. Great post! Easy to forget what its all about sometimes - thanks for keeping it real!


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