DIY House Number Plaque

Hey!  Today I have for you the simplest of crafts that adds a fun touch to the exterior of your home.  I bought an old Lenox platter from a thrift store and hung it inside my home for a while.  The only problem was that it was exactly the color of the interior walls of my house (I know, white walls, we're SO boring) so I never loved it.  

Since it already had a plate hanger on it, I decided to try it outdoors.  Cool, but it needed something.  So, natually I went to Hobby Lobby, grabbed some of their numbers (and paid for them, I might add) , glued 'em on with E-6000 and the rest is history.  And I literally mean history--I actually did this project two (TWO!) years ago and I'm just now sharing it.  But hey, now you know the glue lasts outdoors--I have proof!

Thrifted platter
Numbers (or letters could be cool, too)
Strong adhesive (E-6000 should be in every crafter's arsenal.)
Plate hanger

Glue the numbers on your platter/plate/tray and let cure according to adhesive directions.  Then hang it. Pretty straightforward stuff, right?  Really, it's just a good jumping board--imagine the possibilities of what yours could be!

My total project cost was around $5-6, because I can't quite recall how much I paid for the platter but it was inexpensive.  And you guys know I love cheap crafts.

Much love,

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