Market Bag (Lion Brand Free Pattern)

Oh crafty pals, how I have missed you!  I miss posting regularly (more info on why we're not as frequent here).  But it's all about balance, right?  I find it extremely hard to balance and compartmentalize my life.  Anyone out there feel me? 

Anyhow, my husband and I recently went on a 5-day cruise without the little one (gasp)!  We had a great time and while we were away, I crocheted.  Yep.  I may have looked like a grandma in my skirted bathing suit, big floppy straw hat and crochet in hand.  Or maybe not.  Or definitely.  Whatever.  It's all a matter of perspective.

Make fun of me if you must, but I know you won't make fun of my end product--this bad boy:

Crochet Bag 2

I made this bag using the Market Bag (FREE!) Pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website.  You do have to create an account to get the free patterns, but it's well-worth the two minutes of your time.  Pinky promise. 

Here's the bottom of the bag, where the pattern starts:

Crochet Sling Bag

Lessons learned?  It's a great pattern.  Even for beginners.  But I would highly recommend following the instructions as they're written.  The pattern is perfect--don't deviate.  I didn't turn the work after each round (as you're instructed to in the directions) and it turns out there's good reason to do so.  Also, the bag looked a bit small so I added a few extra rounds at the top and now it's a few rows too long--especially for a shorty like me.  I didn't account for the fact that a bag like this stretches with use so I now regret those extra rounds. Ughh.

And for your viewing pleasure, I wanted to share my "modeling" pics with you.  I know my husband sure did have a good laugh while photographing me.  I'm SO awkward around the camera... but I'm a crafter, not a model.  I was just glad my dress had pockets so I had somewhere to hide my hands. 

Crochet Bag collage

I reminded myself of that 30 Rock episode where Liz Lemon models for her Deal Breakers show.  LOL!

For more crochet inspiration, check out the Lion Brand Site for LOTS of free patterns.  Or check out my Crochet board on Pinterest.  Whatever you do, have fun crafting this summer!

Tristin Signature 

P.S.  Next week I'll be guest posting over at Sew Homegrown for the Cure the Summertime Blues series.  Follow the progress thus far by clicking on the icon below! 


  1. I love this, and want one! As for the photo shoot- AWESOME. :)

  2. Nice bag, but I think I see your husband carrying it more then you do at church. Maybe you should make a more "manly" one for him since he is so "manly".

    Mr. Tim

  3. You are so crazy!! I LOVED the photo shoot and you already know I love the bag. Awesome!!

  4. My good friends mom makes these out of plastic bags that she cuts into strips, they look great and are perfect for a beach bag because it doesn't matter if it gets wet... Gotta look for when stores do breast cancer drives and have pink plastic bags!
    Love your site this has become my go to for ideas!

  5. I've made this bag too - and agree with you - it's best not to deviate from the pattern! Hope you keep crocheting, I'll look out for your projects on Pinterest.
    Best wishes

  6. What happens if you don't turn after each round? I am part way through and didn't turn my work. Thanks!


    1. The seam just didn't look as good as it could have---the structure of the bag is not affected though. It's only for aesthetics that I even mentioned it.:-)


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