QVC Back-to-School Mason Jar Challenge

I'm sure you can tell because of the Bento box posts that we're back to school full-swing over here in lovely Melbourne.  Florida schools tend to start early, especially when I consider that school usually started after Labor Day when I went to school in California.  But whether August or September, the start of school and getting back into good routines can be hard.  I'm finding it hard to believe that I have a child in kindergarten.  Kindergarten!  Goodness.

The folks at QVC invited me to a Back-to-School Mason Jar Challenge and with such fun mason jars they provided, I just couldn't resist.  Umm, who doesn't love mason jars?

The set of four mason jars looks so good together that it seems wrong to separate them, but alas, this is my plan.  I thought it'd be the perfect way to thank our teachers and staff for a great first week of school!  Back-to-school is a busy time, but especially for the men and women who are not only sending their kids back to school but getting back into the swing of work themselves (aka the teachers and staff).  It's nice to throw some love their way, right?

Smoothies prove to be a breakfast lifesaver in my home. They're quick, healthy, and loved by all.  Win, win, win.  So, I made up some recipe cards of our favorite smoothies and tags to include with the Aladdin Insulated jar tumblers.  You're welcome to copy and print them yourself, if you're so inclined, or make up some of your own.  (The images are formatted to print as a 4x6.)  I used black and white to create a blackboard effect--it had nothing to do with the fact that I only have a black and white printer. Yeah.  It's like I always say, when life gives you a black and white printer, just make it work in whatever cute way you can.  {I've never said that before. Ever.}

(Excuse my typo on the green smoothie recipe card--I do know the correct spelling of ingredients! But it will also take me a few days to get the motivation to recreate the printable from scratch which is what I'd have to to based on the way I created it.  No one's perfect, right?)

Am I cheesy for choosing "Don't Sweat" for the tags?  Maybe a little.  But insulated tumblers don't sweat, and here in humid Florida, it's a treat to enjoy a cold beverage without a water ring on your desk. The tags can be cut out with scissors, or if printed as a 4x6, a 2" circle cutter will cut them perfectly.  I know this because I tried.  And then my circle cutter fell apart and I was stuck using scissors.  Oh, the woes of a crafter.

I affixed the tags with hemp cord because I just love it so much.  And it looks like it's time for a new ball of hemp.

The smoothie recipe cards nestled down nicely inside the tumblers and made it look like a really attractive gift.

I'll tell you what, I don't know what I was thinking in turning these into gifts.  I want to keep one.  And maybe I will.  You'll never tell, will you?

Thanks to Jill for inviting me to the Back-to-School Mason Jar Challenge.  QVC’s Jill Bauer hosts the network’s popular show, You’re Home with Jill® and provides fans with simple solutions for their busy lives through innovative products, a library of stress-free DIY projects, and crowd-pleasing recipes. Fans can connect with Jill on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram @jillbauerqvc.

You can tune in to You’re Home with Jill® beginning Wednesday, August 20 and every Wednesday at 7pm (ET), through October.

All my best,

Disclaimer: I received these products at no cost; Tristin & Company has no relationship with QVC that could materially affect the weight consumers place on my review. 


  1. Love this idea! So colorful and bright, and mason jars are perfect as they can be used in so many ways! Well done.

    1. Thanks! The teachers and staff liked them. ;) And yeah, mason jars are pretty much the best ever.


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