I can knit! (Okay, well, sort of.)

A few years ago I referred to taking my first knitting class.  And it obviously didn't make much of an impact on my life considering it's almost 2.5 years later and I'm only now getting around to writing about knitting.

It's not that I didn't love knitting.  I think it's awesome.  I like that it uses less yarn than crochet and I think the stockinette stitch looks amazing. It's a bit classier and more refined than crochet in my opinion.

But I LOVE crochet.  Truth be told I feel a bit unfaithful to my craft when I pick up the knitting needles.  But last year I did it anyhow and knitted an afghan for my husband.

I crocheted the Lion Brand 5 1/2 Hour afghan for my mother-in-law two Christmases ago and my husband loved it so much that he declared that he needed one of his own.

I kind of thought it was the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn that drew him in because it's so rich and luxurious and cozy.  So I thought I'd one-up the previous years' afghan by making the Lion Brand Plush Throw--a knitted afghan that uses the same yarn.

It took a month of stolen moments and knitting marathons, but I finally finished the knitted afghan.  It's rich and luxurious and cozy--but it's also WAY too heavy for Floridians.  There are like 3 days a year in which this afghan would be called upon for use.  So, my one-upping really did no good.

There's no denying that it's a simple and gorgeous blanket, made with awesome yarn and love.  I'm also happy to have conquered a large knitting project.

But guys, it's just not crochet.  I'll leave you with a shirt that I totally need...


Crocheters and knitters--are you a switch hitter?  Do you do both or do you have a strong preference for one over the other?  Perhaps if I lived in a cooler climate then knitting might be more appealing for the sake of the awesome sweaters and socks, but here and now, crochet has my heart.


  1. Hey! Your afghan is beautiful!!! I learned how to crochet very young, but switched to knitting as an adult. At the time there were more patterns I liked (wanted to make wearables). Then all those cute amigurumis came out, and I could kick myself for switching! But I love love love to knit. I use crochet all the time for trim work, so I still get my crochet fix. Just finished my first knitted lace=a shrug with crochet trimmed sleeves. Great job on the afghan. Love your blog! PJ

    1. Thanks! I definitely like the look of knitting better and especially the wearables (crochet is just lacking the the wearable dept. for adults, in my opinion), but I'm a hooker at heart. (Ha, crochet humor). And your adding crochet as trim to knitting? Genius.

      Oh, and you should totally try an amigurumi if you haven't yet. I just love love love making those!


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