Mini-Easel Art

mini easel art

This craft is from a million years ago and somehow I never shared it here!  (Can you tell I'm going through a lot of "old stuff" and bringing it out?  It's renaissance time here at Two Girls Being Crafty).

simple art tile

Isn't that dog just awesome?  I loved him immediately, in all his blue magnificence, sitting aloof in a patch of wildflowers.  I don't know why, but this little guy spoke to me and I couldn't toss him in the trash.  {Cough, hoarding tendencies, cough.}

tile art supplies

All you need for this simple craft is an inspiring photo/card/paper/clipping that you love, a 4x4 tile (16 cents at Home Depot), mod podge, spray on polyurethane sealer (optional), and a mini-easel (available in the art supply section of Jo-Ann for $1.99--but don't forget your coupons!).

Basically, I used the same method that my blogmate Sharon employed for making coasters.  Cut the image to the size that you want, coat a tile with mod podge and then affix your picture.  Once the image is where you want it, cover it all over with a layer of mod podge.  Straightforward, right?  Yeah.  We like to keep it real.

tile art mod podge

Once this is dry, you should technically use a polyurethane sealer--but it's not completely necessary if it's just going to be a decoration since Mod Podge also acts as a sealer.  If you're ever going to use it as a coaster or you're going to put it somewhere where there's moisture, like a bathroom. then you should take the two seconds to spray on a sealer.

dog easel art

These little art tiles on easels would make a great gift for office-mates who need a little cubicle decor. I'm out of the working world right now, but I still like it as a little knick-knack on my shelf.  {Update: He's long gone.  I got tired of him.  But the craft costs well under a buck, so it's totally cool to do so.  And the easel can be reused for another "can't throw away item" that you'll one day end up throwing away anyhow!}

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