She's Second to None.

My little one is about to turn two.  Two.  I still can't believe how quickly time flies when you have a child.  Two is only 1/9th of the way to 18, when she'll leave me for greener pastures.  Ok, I'm not ready to talk about that--so let's talk party!

We'll be celebrating Junebug's birthday this weekend with a small family gathering.  I opted out of paper invites this year because I'm cheap I thought an Evite would be a "greener" option.  Yeah, because I wanted to be "green". 

Here's a little peek at what our guests received in their email:

Writing things in sand is a great way to take beach pictures.  Plus, I'll always remember how old she was in that photo.  Brilliant, I am.

My mom and I spent a bit of time yesterday making tissue paper pompoms for the party--they're already fluffed and are waiting in the laundry room for the big event.  It's quite comical, really--check it out:

Pompoms in Laundry Room

I want the decor to be a surprise to Junebug on the day of her party--so I have to keep her out of the laundry room (which is tougher than it sounds).

I'm also so excited about my other party finds.  The "theme" of the party is simply "Summer".  Bright colors, sunshine, funky patterns, you know what I mean, right?

I'm so excited.  I'm using some of the same things I used for Junebug's first birthday party last year.  Last year's theme was "Watermelon" and what a fun theme it was! 

The pièce de résistance last year (that people are still talking about) was Junebug's "Watermelon Cake".  I wanted to forego the messy smashcake tradition and enjoy a slice of refreshing watermelon. Having to immediately bathe my daughter after her first cake experience while having 20+ guests at my home didn't seem appealing.  So sue me.

Here's a pic of Junebug's party last year:

The "Watermelon Cake" was a little trickier than I had initially anticipated and there were definitely a few lessons learned, but all in all it was well worth the effort.  I couldn't find any sort of instructions or tutorial for such a thing so I winged it and I'm glad I did!

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P.S. Once I recover from the event, I'll be sharing some photos--so check back next week!


  1. I love the big pom-poms! I cried when my daughter turned one :( It went by too fast.
    Hope you have a special day.

  2. Love it all... looks like it will be a fun party... the colors are awesome

  3. Awww, this is just lovely. ♥

  4. I LOVE the watermelon cake! That is a super neat idea!

  5. Stopping by from Mod Podge Rocks, Amy featured a cute paint chip wall art piece you guys did. It was so cute. I love the watermelon cake you did! It's perfect for summer!

  6. Wow, so it ...

  7. OK, please share the lessons you learned with the watermelon cake! I was planning on making one for my daughter's watermelon birthday party next month and would hate to make mistakes that could be avoided! Yours is beautiful =)


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