Boring Bentos.

I know that bloggers are supposed to come up with super-exciting titles for their posts, and they're also supposed to post regularly and do everything cute-to-the-max.  Well, welcome to my real world.  Things are done with love, not necessarily cuteness, and definitely not perfection.  But done is better than not done, and anything done with love is worth mentioning.  In other words, please forgive the post title.  ; )

Here are the lunch deets:

1. Homemade naan, ham, cucumbers, cheese wedge, honeydew. 
2. Carrots, peanut butter, apples, ham sandwich, green olives, boiled eggs.
3. Plain yogurt with homemade jam, grapes, cheese wedge, Triscuits, ham, green olive.
4. Grapes, carrots, hummus, chicken potstickers.



  1. OMG that naan looks awesome! Did you make it yourself? Also, I love bento boxes myself but never got to really use them....It's like the perfect thing to carry a huge meal compacted into a tiny box! Also, it is like a buffet! Little bits of food for tasting! :D

    1. Yes, the naan is homemade (link in the text) and it's an easy and delicious recipe! I agree about it being like a little buffet--and I think the kiddos like that. ; )

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