Some non-crafty thoughts

Okay, okay--so you may or may not have noticed that pathetically it has been two months since the last post (I know some of you have noticed and I may not have responded to your emails but I got 'em--I'm just a bad blogger!)--thought I'd catch you up on a few things going on 'round here if you're interested.  I'm too lazy at this moment to add photos, so if you're only here for my fantastic photography (you know that's a joke, right??) then you might need to go check out a non-lame blog.  If you're interested in hearing the craft-free thoughtsicles developing in my mindgrapes (sorry if you don't watch 30 Rock and you miss my Tracy Jordan references) then feel free to read on!

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Just for fun...

Trends I am currently not understanding:

-Men wearing skinny jeans (they do look awful cute on my kid though)
-Red velvet cake--why so popular all of a sudden?
-Instagram -neat, I guess, but why the rage?
-E-Trade Commercials
-Politics.  'Nuff said.  I'll refrain from my soapbox.
-The Little Mermaid - She's 16 and after saving a prince from drowning, she's certain that she wants to be with him forever.  AND her dad makes it happen!  Umm, am I the only one who finds this to be CUH-razay thinking and even crazier parenting? Obviously I've been watching this with my kiddo...

Things I am currently loving:

-Vera Bradley
-This potato casserole (LOTS of good recipes on this blog)
-Picking out clothes for my kiddo
-A bracelet made just for me by my daughter.  Purple pipe cleaner, 5 beads--does it get better than that? 
-Hot wings
-My Neti Pot

In more recent news, I guess I should tell you that I am expecting kiddo # 2!  We're 19 weeks along and will find out the gender soon.  My husband is really wanting a boy as we have decided not to be outnumbered by our children and will stop with two bundles of joy.  Please send some nice "boy" energy our way...

Are you interested in knowing names?  Sure you are.  We have decided that if this baby is a boy he will be named Simon.  If it happens to be a girl, she'll be named Bennett.  Yep.  So, that, we have worked out.  If you live outside of a 50 mile radius of Melbourne, FL, then you're free to use those names if you like.  Within the radius?  Please, refrain.  (I obviously think I have chosen awesome trend-setting names and am now afraid that my daughter will be sitting next to another Bennett in her second grade class and will be forced to go by "Bennett W".  Perhaps I think too highly of my choices.)

The practical side of me would love to have another gal since we'd be 100% prepared (except for diapers and sanity) but the other part of me wants to give my husband a boy and have a new experience.  We shall see what God has in store for us! (I have a few baby boy nursery ideas--if you want to check 'em out, you can visit this Pin board).

What I am really thankful for is that we are sure that we're having just ONE baby, and not twins.  There was a twin scare for a few seconds--and it was just about more than I could handle.  Not that babies aren't great... well, let's face it, babies are kind of terrible until they're old enough to communicate their needs without screaming.  Or maybe that was just Elliott, I'm not sure.  Daang, she was (and is) a tough cookie!  Her pregnancy was a breeze, whereas this pregnancy has been... not a breeze.  

On a blogging note, I can't tell you just yet where I stand on the future of Two Girls Being Crafty.  You've probably noticed that Sharon is M.I.A. (just to clarify, this is not the M.I.A. who made a bad gesture at the SuperBowl). Sharon is happily enjoying Pharmacy school at the University of Florida's Orlando campus.  I miss her terribly--she's an awesome student and very dedicated (something I have never been) so our hanging out and crocheting until 3 in the morning while our husbands play video games (yes, this has happened before) is no longer something we get to do.  We actually got to hang out this weekend at a Bunco party and it was great fun.  So, if you think YOU miss her and her awesome crafty self, you can only imagine how I feel!

Part of me is ready to quit blogging because it's not as much fun without my blogmate Sharon.  The other part is ready to quit because it seems like there is nothing new to do.  Everything has been done and truthfully it's a lot of effort to write and photograph each blog post, and it's ever-so demotivating when I read the blogs of others who do things in a  bigger and better way than I do--I mean, why try, right?  Ahh, I sound like such a defeatist.  Nothing like the tenacious gal I once was.  Perhaps it's the parasite in my uterus talking...  The other part of me (how many parts are there?!) wants to continue on at my current pace, which I would define as "sloth-paced".  We'll see what happens, I suppose.  If I get twenty "you changed my life with your DIY Art for Non-Artists and freezer paper stenciling" emails following this post, then I may just need to keep things up.  Or maybe not.  Oprah had a 25-year run making a life-enriching show and she quit for other pursuits, so perhaps I'll stop the blog and start my own TV network.  We shall see.

My latest and greatest DIY project has been potty-training Elliott.  She's 2 and a half, and boy am I glad I waited to get through the tantrum phase before I started this phase.  I thought potty-training would be terrible (I was SO afraid) but it has been amazingly easy and intuitive for both of us. I actually found a few products to be extremely helpful, and I do plan on sharing some of that info soon because I think others in this stage may find it life-changing, too.  I am glad to report that potty-training has been far from painful.  My dog was WAY harder and it took him WAY longer.

Have you heard that No Doubt is releasing an album this year?  That's exciting news to me.

That's it for now.



  1. Congrats on the new baby. Praying that you start to feel better and all goes well!!!

  2. You will be uber jealous to hear that Vera Bradley is located in my hometown and each year they have an outlet sale and you can get stuff for like $10. We rock!

  3. I eagerly await your TV pursuits! And I'm jealous that your husband is on board with the name Simon. I think that one's a lost cause at our house, so I'm kind of hoping that your little peanut is a boy just so you can use the name for me ;-) Well, congratulations on Simon or Bennett, and thank you for the 30 Rock mindgrapes quote. I am always in the mood for a good 30 Rock reference and that one is such a winner! (And now that you have me thinking of 30 Rock and pregnancies at the same time, I'll leave you with this: "Rufus T. Barleysheath is kicking!")

  4. lol - wish we didn't live half way around the world away from each other ;)

  5. Congratulations on the baby! Simon is a great name! When I was pregnant, my husband was stuck on "Nigel" or "Gunther" or, horror of horrors "Nigel Gunther." YIKES! I asked him if he WANTED his son to get beat up on a regular basis!?! My mom-in-law didn't like my choice (Hank) at all until she heard her son's choice ("Oh, Hank isn't bad at all. Nigel sounds like a gay English butler...and we are in Nebraska where there is no one to buttle and no call for an English accent...")

    Hang in there and do what makes you happy!

  6. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!! BABY!!. I echo the aweomeness of Simon as a name...Luck little man if he is a man. And Im very glad that you are maybe back... and you did save my butt more than once this winter.. most recently (ahem Saturday) I made awesome gluten dairy free waffles (new diet change - ugh I am now, temporarily, one of THOSE moms) and had no maple syrup- toddlers love some syrup dontchaknow- but thanks to a Spartan living post from AGES ago we had a lovely breakfast and hubby did not mind the difference at all CHA ching. So much that I made a second batch and its ready for next time. My grocery budget thanks you

  7. Congrats on baby #2!!! Hope you start to feel better soon! Wishing you baby boy parts too! :)

    I've missed your posts. I don't follow any other crafty blogs so seeing yours always motivates me to be more crafty myself.

    I'll look forward to your potty-training suggestions. My little man is only 9 months but I could use a refresher on how to potty train since my first child is 7 years old! :)

    Hugs to you!

  8. Your post made me laugh. Sounds just like how I think when I am pregnant -- ready to give up on everything! Then the baby is born and renewed hope and energy and inspiration return. I promise!! Hang in there! :)

  9. It would seem that everyone likes the name Simon for the little parasite living within you, no praise for Bennett, although I guess you you did ask for some baby "boy" energy. I can't wait to hear what it is either way. I miss your posts too. They always make me smile! Thanks for the potato casserole recipe, it's one of the reasons I just happened to get fortuitous!

  10. Just found you tonight. I was looking for some DIY wall art, etc and wa-la, you were there on pinterest.
    Love your writing and crafty ideas. So thank you!

  11. Oh, I love you, T-Dawg.

    Firstly - "crocheting until 3 in the morning while our husbands play video games (yes, this has happened before)" You act like this has only happened once...

    Secondly - "thoughtsicles developing in my mindgrapes". This is why we are friends.

    Thirdly - Baby Wright #2 is going to be awesome just like #1, no matter what gender. But I'm secretly pulling for a male Bennett ;)

    MOSTLY - I miss you too!

    1. Nay Nay,

      1. I can hardly make it to 11pm most nights now, but for you, I would push it to midnight. Seriously.

      2. I heard that Alec Baldwin is leaving 30 Rock. What the what?!

      3. A male Bennett isn't gonna happen. Sorry. But you can totally use it. ;) Gender should be determined on Friday!! Ahh!

      And yes, I miss you too... obviously since I posted it for the world (or you know, a few people) to read.

  12. Tristin,

    I just found two girls being crafty for the first time a few hours ago and was devastated when, after reading 12 or so of your fabulous DIY projects, I got to this post where you are contemplating calling it quits!

    Rewind. First, things first. Congratulations on the kiddo-in-progress! I love both names. So, is the baby a boy or girl?

    OK, back to business. I'd really truly honestly love to see you continue this blog--even if you can only post every seventh blue moon--because I have been all over the internet looking at craft sites and when I happened upon your dot tree painting on pinterest I died! I've been wanting to do some simple painting with big impact like that for a long time but was afraid to waste precious canvases with a bunch of miss-steps. You said to use the round foam brushes and paint pen and I was like, "Hello!" The thought of trying to actually brush all those circles and branches was what I knew was gonna be the project's undoing.

    I then proceeded to read through many of your posts and I love A) the blog title, because I am also one half of two girls crafting! B) your wit, humor, and humility make your blog far more appealing to me than any others I've found C) You have amazing ideas, skills, instructions, and images.

    Furthermore, there's always more that's just begging to be crafted, and the new kiddo can be your muse! Take your time and blog/post when the inspiration strikes, but please don't throw in the towel.

    Same goes for you, Sharon! Drop in once or twice a semester between exams and papers! :)

    Good luck to you both in all of your ventures!


    Your newest follower, Carrie

    PS I'm splattering you all over pinterest. just sayin'...;)

  13. Don't quit, your blog is good, your crafts are good and you will craft again with passion without your friend. I am like you, but quite a bit older. I had a friend that I crafted with til 3am, but her mother died and with caring for her and looking after her estate she wasn't able to craft anymore. It took me a while to find my stride but I did and have grown as an artist in huge leaps since those old days. You're a young mom too, which is exhausting!! My kids are grown and have left home. Love them to death, but it is nice to have my life back!! Keep doing what you're doing, even if it's at a snails pace sometimes. You will be glad you did when you look back at life as I am doing now. You will be OK honey, you just can't kill a creative spirit, it keeps coming back to life.

  14. Congrats Tristin on baby #2!!! I am sure you will definitely have your hands full. And you know what, if you end up writing a post every 2 months or so, so be it. Just don't quit on us! Good luck!

  15. Congrats on your new little one! Pregnancy AND potty training... I can see why you haven't had much time to post. I echo the "don't quit" sentiments. Your DIY Art tutorial, while it may not have changed my life, did change my walls! Sending you some Boy vibes... I have 3 boys of my own and would love to see what a little boy would inspire you to create!

  16. Hi Ladies. I just started follwing this blog...I think, I'm new to the blogging world. Anyway, so far I just love it and have been practically stalking this blog on Pinterest :) I was wondering if you had any ideas for crafts made out of old clothes. I have a bag of old clothes from college that I've given up ever trying to fit into again (2 babies and 10 years later). I've seen the T-Shirt quilts and the of course pillow cases. If you have any interesting thoughts please let me know :)

    1. Hey there- I just ran across this round up of 50 things to do with old tshirts--here's the link to lots of good ideas...

      Also, it's fun to convert your old clothing into new clothing for your kiddos. I shrunk a wool skirt of mine (like a dummy) and then used it to make a gorgeous and simple skirt for my daughter. In the end what is old clothing but fabric just begging to be used?

  17. Love your blog! You guys have awesome ideas! I'm new to the blogger world :)

    Check out my blog

    Elizabeth <3

  18. Great post! It is so refreshing to hear someone talk realistically about babies. I have twin girls (now over 2 yrs) but the first year was the hardest of my life! Most people talk about babies like it's FUN to get pooed on and screamed at. Love my girls but love real live communication with them just as much.

  19. Your writing is really bubbly and interesting. I liked your wall art ideas and I noted down two of them to make a try. Will post soon regarding the result look of it :-D

  20. I just found your blog (via Pinterest) and read a few (super cute) tutorials, then the post. So, first of all, congrats! I assume you know what you are having by now and hope everything is going well. Would love an update! Is "it" a Simon or Bennett? Second, I LOVE the girl names you have chosen!! I am trying to talk my husband into a "boy name for a girl" and he's not having it. My thought is, no uterus, no opinion. :) Maybe if a crafting blog isn't a thing for you anymore, you could try a "parenting" blog with craftiness thrown in when the moment strikes and/or time allows. Your posts are HILARIOUS and I would love to read more. Especially since you have a two year old AND a new baby on the way. Too many funny things happen and with your knack for story telling it could be amazing!

    Best of luck to you! :)

  21. Is that a Westie Taking a nap on the blanket? I have a4 year old Westie! His name is Muffins!!!! I have a board on Pinterest named my best friend is a westie named muffin
    It's deadicated to all things Westie and what remind me of him! He's also my pinterest personal photo!!!


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