Linky Love: Creative Coasters

One of the household items that we are currently missing in our home are drink coasters. Just another simple item that is usually taken for granted. After countless glass rim stains on our beautiful coffee table, I decided it's time to get some. Or better yet - it's time to make some. While I was perusing the internet I came across many fun ideas and inspiration. Let me share them with you!

 These are the ones I'm going to make. They are adorable ceramic tile coasters made with any designed paper. I happen to already have eight glossy white ceramic tiles and you bet I have pretty designed paper. Prudent Baby made these adorable matryoshka and owl tile coasters. They are simple, inexpensive, and needless to say pretty darn adorable!

Or how about these creative woven magazine coasters thought up by How About Orange? I am always looking for gorgeous ways to use my ever-growing mound of magazines. And how eco-friendly is this idea? "Very" is the word you're looking for.

On of my favorites is this cool set of painted numbered cork coasters by apartment therapy. They're chic,  modern and can be masculine (if you need them to be). Also a good way to remember which drink is yours.

Have some extra felt laying around? Try these felt coasters (on the right) or go buy some cheap foam rubber for some rubber coasters (on the left). Both are the creative ideas of Design*sponge.

Here's a cool coaster idea you've probably never seen before.. Tree limb coasters by Curbly.

Want customized coasters? Make these awesome photo coasters by Great for wedding photos, family photos, or customized gifts for friends. Make them your own!

So, which coaster is your favorite?


  1. Wow all of these are so cute but I think my favorite is the tree limb coasters. They are so unique.

  2. They are also good decoration in your home bar and all of them have unique design that will surely impress your friends and guests.


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