About the Crafty Girls

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We're friends who share a love for crafting, scrapbook paper, crocheting, talking like gangstas, laughing, hot glue and hot cocoa.

(I realized I have NO current pictures of just myself but this old one makes me look super-cool, so there!)

Hello!  I'm Tristin, a Christian, wife, mom and creative homemaker trying my best to live a simple, purposeful, and meaningful life.  Blogging is not new to me--I've been doing it for over 4 years now.  Though motherhood has provided endless inspiration it also leaves minimal time, so I am most delighted to join my dear friend Sharon in this joint blogging mission.

I enjoy cooking, baking, long short walks on the beach, dancing with my toddler, Archie comics, and tiramisu.


Hey there! I’m Sharon. The other one is my hubby. :)

I’m a Christian, wife, and mother to a spoiled pup. Crafting is a favorite hobby of mine (duh!), and I hope you gather much inspiration from our ideas. I’m new to the blog world, so I’m very glad to have my good friend Tristin with me along the way.  

I love camping, kayaking, autumn breezes (too bad I live in Florida), avocados, exclamation points, and surprises.
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